Pomeranians and Airplanes

Over the years I have adopted two wonderful little pomeranians. One is named Pumpkin, the other, Cleo. They are my family and I love them to bits. Not only are they amazing to come home to after a long day, but they are also motivating. Why? Well, they love chasing airplanes. My dog Pumpkin is obsessed with chasing airplanes and since we live near an airport there is no shortage of planes for her to bark at. Recently I have been in a creative funk, no inspiration, no motivation, nothing. So, the other day I was sitting on my deck watching the planes fly by and how they give my dogs the “zoomies.” That got me thinking. If my dogs, who are less than 10LBS, can chase airplanes why can’t I get the motivation to create?! So, I went to Light City this past weekend and photographed the festival which was amazing. I couldn’t have gotten over my fear of large crowds if it weren’t for these two little floofs. Here are some photos of my dogs and I hope you enjoy!










So, these are my dogs. Aren’t they just too cute? They’re also a handful but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sticking around to the end! Do you have any pets? What are their quirks and funny habits that stick out to you?!

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