Rocking The Boat

Some of my favorite things to photograph are protests and rallies. Being in the crowd and feeling that energy gives me such a rush that nothing can compare to. Normally I’m too anxious to go to large events, but if I have my camera I can handle it. In fact, I thrive in those conditions! When you’re in a group of passionate people it rubs off on you and helps you find the perfect image. It is also a big plus that most people aren’t paying attention to you. So here are some of my favorite images I’ve shot at protests and rallies I’ve attended over the past couple of years. It was fun to go back and edit some of these again and to see the before and after of progress I’ve made.


This was shot at the immigration ban protest at BWI Airport. I loved the light that hit her glasses and couldn’t help but snap a photo.


Amazing disgrace.


The entire night this man had the most intense look and energy about him I couldn’t help but take his photo.


If you couldn’t tell I’m a huge fan of black and white images. Something about them just gives the image more soul.


Another beautiful soul and she had the prettiest hijab!


I hope y’all liked these photos and thank you for sticking around to the end! I’ll be doing a special interview/photo shoot tomorrow with a good friend so stay tuned for that post!!

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