I’ve recently come across some prisms on Amazon and ordered a few. They are dirt cheap and a pretty good quality so I decided to start using them in some of my shots. Here are a few images that I used prisms in. Hope you like them!


I love how using prisms can break up a photo and create more interesting shadows in black and white pictures.


Even in low light and having the reflection of the television this is still fun to shoot with!


They also work wonders for fashion shoots too. I like the rainbows that it adds to the photo. (Sorry for the repeat, but it shows what the prisms can do. Check out my other post to see more prism shots from this particular photo shoot.)


I think this will be my new favorite accessory to use on shoots I have coming up.


I have a potential shoot coming up this weekend and I am excited to use the prisms to create some fun effects! I hope you all liked the photos and stay tuned for more!!


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