Pomeranians and the X-Pro2.

I recently traded in my DSLR camera gear and bought an upgraded system. What system? Well, that’d be the Fujifilm X-Pro2. My friend and mentor Kaitlin has this camera and I’ve been wanting one for quite some time now. So, when I got home from work today I was delighted to find a package waiting for me!


Isn’t it just beautiful?! I am so glad I sold my old gear to buy this baby. I’m going to name her Bertha. (The same name as my very first camera.)


I didn’t have any models to shoot, but I have two dogs so they’re gracious enough to let me photograph them. I may have bribed them with cheese…


I am seriously in love with this camera. Doesn’t Cleo look so regal in black and white?


Pumpkin was sleeping so she couldn’t be bothered. Still, this little stinker is too cute.


Then Cleo fell asleep too and I couldn’t help but snap a quick photo of her. It is also worth mentioning that the two of them snore and it’s the cutest thing ever. My two little piggies. This weekend I will be taking the X-Pro2 out on its first run at an event and I’m beyond excited to go shoot with this camera. Stay tuned for pictures from that event!

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