The Baltimore Photography Club

Thursday night I ventured out to Baltimore again. This time I was going to attend the Baltimore Photography Clubs weekly meeting. I was invited by a former professor of mine and I couldn’t contain my excitement. The club was having a print competition the night I attended and they had a guest speaker/judge Howard Korn.


Howard is an institutional photographer and does commercial work as well. This means he works with hospitals, schools, and other institutions to create advertisements and billboard ads for his clients.


The room went pitch black and the judging commenced. This photograph was one of the winners of the night. The photographer (I cannot remember his name to save my life…) is extremely talented and he entered multiple photos which won most of the awards for the night.


I didn’t take too many photos because I was just focusing on Howard’s critiques of the photographs. However, next time I go I hope to take more candid shots of the crew and to get to know them better. Stay tuned for an exciting shoot I get to do this weekend!

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