Around the House.

Today has been a rainy and windy day. Normally, I’m all for staying inside, but today has just been so boring, and I wanted to take more photos. So, I’ve decided to just take some pictures to show y’all around the house and all that jazz.


I have a love for plants, and originally I went to school for botanical sciences. This beauty, a Hoya obvata, is about ready to bloom! I cannot wait for the buds to finally open so I can see what these flowers look like.


I also have a plethora of spider plants. They are one of the best plants to remove toxins from the air in your homes. In addition to this, they can reproduce asexually so you’ll never run out of baby plants to plant. This little bonsai fisherman was given to me by my friend Bonnie who is a master gardener!


Even Pumpkin is laying around enjoy yet again another lazy day. I cannot wait until it stops raining just to walk them at the park. I know she has to be tired of laying around all day with nothing to do.


However, Cleo is loving this weather because her favorite thing to do is to take naps. She just loves snoozing the day away.


I also love growing orchids. This dendrobium put out these two giant yellow flowers, and they smell amazing! I hope y’all enjoyed this little view around my house and allowing me to cure my boredom for a little bit.

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