Welcome to the Jungle.

I get asked constantly what kinds of plants I have and how hard are they to take care of. So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite houseplants and how to take care of them.


First, we have the Spider Plant. This is one of the best plants for removing toxins from the air in your home and can be grown in a wide range of conditions. The ones I grow get medium indirect light and I water them 1-2 times per week. The best part is they reproduce asexually so you will NEVER have a shortage of baby plants.


Next up, the Snake Plant. This is another one of my favorite and I own quite a few of them. They are also another great plant for removing toxins from the air in your home and grow well in low light. I water mine once a week and these plants like to be “pot bound” which means they like filling up their container and then some. Let them get a little big for their pot they’ll like it. Given enough light, they will produce flowers that are spectacular!


I also have an assortment of cacti! These are great because they take BRIGHT light and you only need to water them once every week or two. Neglect them and they’ll be happy. Overwatering is one of the most common reasons for deaths for these plants. Remember, neglect them.


I mean seriously how cool are these?! I love growing cacti in different containers. The planter doesn’t need a drain hole because they require such little water. Just make sure you have well-draining soil and DON’T over water them.


Another great thing to grow in your home is different varieties of ficus. This one is a ficus elastica (rubber tree is a common name.) The leaves are either a brilliant green or can be variegated like the one shown. They grow relatively quickly in regards to trees and this one takes a medium amount of light. Each species requires something different so read up on them before you go out and buy one.


Next up, succulents. This zebra plant is one of my favorite plants I own. It takes medium to bright light and like the cactus don’t water them too much. I water this one about once a week.


Last but not least, orchids. I love growing orchids and they aren’t as hard to grow as you might think. This dendrobium I recently rescued from a “black thumb gardener” likes medium light and regular watering. The flowers on this plant are spectacular and they smell amazing. I own other orchids but they aren’t in bloom currently, but they are easy to grow if you have the right conditions. Do your research before buying one! I hope this helped answer any questions and comment down below with some of your favorite plants!



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