Pomeranians and Prisms.

It has been a stormy day here so like any normal person I decided to go explore the local Dollar Store. (Yeah normal.) I’m so happy that I did because I found an amazing sun catcher! Now my brain instantly went to the opportunity of what I could do with that sun catcher and my camera, so I bought it. Boy, I am so glad I did.


Pumpkin and Cleo were my models for today as per usual.


Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this sun catcher.


I cannot wait until I get to use this new toy on my shoots coming up!


These prisms just give me a warm fuzzy feeling and I love it.


Even on rainy days these prisms still bring some awesome colors to my photos.


Well, that is enough of that. I hope y’all enjoyed an amazing weekend and stayed dry if you got caught up in the rain! Stay tuned for more pictures!!

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