Artscape 2k18.

This Sunday amidst the storms a festival was happening. This festival is Artscape. A wonderful and obviously artsy gathering of food, music, art, and fun for all ages.


One of my favorite things were these balloons we passed on our way into the festival. Such pretty colors!


This one particular performer was just “golden.” (Audience groans…)


Our golden stilted performer had the most amazing tiny shoes for her stilts. This is probably my favorite thing I saw all night. I was tickled needless to say.



The first band to play was a bit of heavy metal with a mix of saxophone thrown in for safe measure. This isn’t my normal taste in music but I liked their set.


Then I got to meet Grayson Moon from Baltimore and his awesome band.


Their audience had a ton of fun and let loose with their inner dance goddesses.


Their set was right up my alley. I loved the songs they played and cannot wait to see them perform again.


The bass was having a great time and everyone was just vibing with the music.


Cool vibes and cool jams. Just what the crowd wanted.


Despite the rain and storms my mentor Kaitlin Newman and I rocked out and had a blast. I can’t wait to go to Artscape next year and see how crazy it gets.

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