The Secret Society of Mr.Trashwheel.

Have you ever set down a memory card and then immediately forget where you set it down? Well, I have, and this time this particular memory card had photos from my recent outing to the Secret Society of Mr.Trashwheel.


The event had quite a good turnout to raise money, and awareness for Mr.Trashwheel and all that glorious beast does for our waters.


This secret society put on a skit and this was the Recycqueen. Her costume was fantastic.


Kids hiding inside the makeshift Mr. Trashwheel for the night. Darn kids and your newfangled technology.


There is never a shortage of amazing hats/headwear at a Baltimore event.



All of the members of the secret society donned their cloaks and put everyone through the “ritual” of becoming a member of the secret order.



A sneak peek at the secret handshake. But shhh don’t tell anyone you heard about it from me.



All in all, this was an amazing event, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to go. Even if I’m writing about it almost 3 weeks after the fact.

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