Every night before I go to bed I watch a documentary. Tonight was a short Youtube documentary featuring Jack Barkman, a lifestyle photographer. I was intrigued by this so I decided to check out his Instagram page to see more. Needless to say, I was blown away. His style and eye for beauty surrounding us all spoke to me. So, like any aspiring photojournalist would do, I decided to go back and edit some photos.

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to join in on a photo shoot with a group of incredible women. It was a full day of shooting and fun. I hadn’t felt that good about a shoot in a long time.


The theme for this shoot was diversity. The models were clad in nude tones and stunning makeup. Everyone looked beautiful.


It was a great feeling to be surrounded by so many empowered and strong women.


My mentor, Kaitlin, and I shot these photos on a tennis court believe it or not.


It was also an opportunity to work with a truly diverse crowd. So when editing these photos, I tried to keep the editing to a minimum and truly focus on the model’s natural beauty.


The green from the tennis court made the colors of these photos pop so much. I love the way that it made the models stand out.


If you couldn’t tell, I also have a soft spot for black and white images. I think it is because there isn’t any color to distract you from the actual image. It forces you to focus on the subject and composition more than anything else.


I hope that you all enjoyed the photos from this shoot.


I am looking forward to some more photo shoots coming up in the next couple of weeks. I have an artsy concept shoot with a dear friend, and I also have my first engagement shoot too! Wish me luck!

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