The Engagement.

It all started with a Facebook message. They wanted to have me shoot their engagement photos, and I couldn’t have been happier. Jess&Travis01.jpg

Everyone, meet Jess and her husband, Travis.


I mean seriously, they’re so stinking cute.


We were lucky enough to catch the sunset at the perfect time to get some fantastic shots on the water.


I had over 300+ images to sift through, and it was so hard to narrow down the ones I wanted to edit.


I’m not going to post all of them quite yet, but I had an amazing time with these two lovebirds, and I’m happy with how the shoot went.


Lots of laughter, botany/ science chatting, and raunchy jokes to last a lifetime. Here’s to you guys! I hope the two of you have a beautiful wedding and a fantastic life together.

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