The Poms

So, in 2012 I adopted my first dog, Pumpkin.


She loves sitting in the window, chasing airplanes (it’s adorable), and scarfing down any food that comes near her. This dog is so food motivated it isn’t even funny. She would sell my soul to Satan for a piece of cheese.


After a few years, I adopted my second dog, Cleo.


Let me tell you, she is the best dog. She’s trained to give kisses, loves to be petted, loves other dogs, loves cats and is also extremely food motivated. She wouldn’t sell my soul but she’d do some shady shit for some turkey.


Cleo also “twerks” when you give her butt scratches. It is as adorable and hilarious as it sounds.


The best part is that this dog is extremely chill. She doesn’t give a crap. She loves naps, belly rubs, and giving kisses. She’s also content with sleeping and watching movies all day while I edit photos or write blog posts.


Pumpkin, to my surprise, welcomed Cleo with open arms. They were ok with each other at first and slowly have gotten extremely close.


I love these two crazy poms so much it isn’t even funny. They’ve been there for me through the best and worst of times. They are like family to me.


So I guess this post is just going to be filled with photos of adorable Pomeranians and me rambling on about how amazing my dogs are.


Come to think of it, all dogs are the best. They’re all great. So go hug your pet. Give them a good old head rub, belly rub (cat owners beware), or butt scratches. Who knows, maybe they’ll twerk like Cleo does.

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