Diamonds, opals, and gold oh my!

Over the past couple of months, I have been shooting with my mentor Kaitlin for a jewelry client, Sterling Forever.


They’ve been an amazing client to work for. However, jewelry is incredibly difficult to photograph.


We recently shot their Fall collection back in October and had such a blast getting creative for Sterling’s social media content.


They have an amazing selection of accessories and I even own a couple of their pieces.


We’ve done everything from flat lays to modeled shoots. I’ve learned so much from working for them.


The biggest challenges for me have been figuring out the best lighting for the job.


I’ve found that natural lighting works best for my photos.


I have a shoot coming up soon that they will be styling it. I cannot wait to collaborate with them and to have some amazing accessories to photograph.


My favorite shots have to be the ones where I get to work with a model. I suppose that it is because I like taking portraits more than flat lays. Regardless of what we’re shooting the Sterling Forever team is always a blast to work with and I can’t wait until I get to shoot with them again this month. Stay tuned for more photos of their jewelry!

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