Bar Queen.

We hopped in the Lyft around 9:00pm. Our destination? The Waterfront Hotel Bar. We were going to see Grayson Moon perform live.


Grayson is a local Baltimore musician. I first saw him and his band play at Artscape last year. Needless to say, I wanted to see them again live.


The bar started off a little empty, usual for an early night at a bar. But, soon the bar was hopping and people flocked to see Grayson and his band.


The bass player was feeling the tunes. He was fun to watch.


Between sets, the band went and mingled with the crowd and hyped them up to hear more awesome tunes.


The challenge with this venue was that the lighting was pretty dark. On top of that, the band had colorful lights which made for some awesome portraits.


I loved the contrast of the warm and cool tones the lights cast on the bar.


So, if you want to see an amazing band go check out Grayson Moon on Instagram and check in to see when their next performance will be. You won’t be disappointed because they’re always a blast to watch.

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