Baltimore Honfest.

Today was the 25th annual Honfest in Hampden. It was my first time going, so I didn’t know what to expect. It did not disappoint.


The festival started off with some rain. However, that did not keep people from showing up and having a great time at Honfest.


Everyone was having such a good time it was hard not to be happy while walking around.


There were all sorts of vendors preparing delicious food. This one stall, in particular, was making roasted corn! It smelled divine.


There was even a booth where you could go get your hair done up into a beehive like the rest of the Hons that attended the festival.


Elvis made a guest appearance too!


There was no shortage of Hons and singing. This one Hon, in particular, had a powerful and incredible voice.


There were tons of Hons in attendance!


A quick touchup before going out on stage for the Hon contest!!


This was my favorite beehive I saw all day. This Hon was so nice and colorful!!


I mean seriously how cool are these beehives! The Hons got quite creative with their hair.


I mean REALLY creative.

All in all, this was a fun experience for me and thanks for sticking around until the end of this post! Next weekend I’ll be photographing Pride in Baltimore, and I’m so excited!

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