First Day of the Internship.

Today I had the opportunity to work alongside my friend Kaitlin Newman who is a professional photojournalist. Her work is absolutely incredible and it was amazing to see her in action. We photographed Brett at some stunning locations in Baltimore today and I couldn’t be happier with the images. I cannot wait to shoot with these amazing people again!


We found this vintage shirt at a market down the street! It was a great find!


One of the few times I was actually excited to shoot and edit in color! Aren’t these colors to die for?


I’m also learning how to use prisms when I shoot. This is going to make for some fun edits.


Brett was such a good sport despite the crazy weather we had. I can’t wait to go back and do more shoots with this teal wall. That color is everything.


I mean seriously I am in love with these prisms. I am definitely going to have to shoot with them more often.


We also got the opportunity to shoot at a museum which I never would have thought of doing. Bonus… It was free!


Well, I hope y’all enjoyed these photos and I cannot wait until I get to do another creative shoot like this again. Stay tuned for more shoots!


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