The Kinetic Race (Part 2.)

I decided to break the Kinetic Race up between two posts so that they weren’t too long and tedious. Here are some images from the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore today. I had so much fun, and I cannot wait until I can go again next year.


The hats at this festival were a sight to behold.


Flamingos seem to be a staple piece of decor in Baltimore. I am kind of fond of it and how quirky it is.


Remember, don’t kill anyone. The drag queen has spoken!


This was one of my favorites. Their kinetic sculpture was a damn genius idea.


The people racing had to bike up Federal Hill. Holy crap it made me tired just watching them! More power to you all!


Even the participants had some fantastic hats! This steampunk one was one of my favorite ones.


The mud pit got intense. Like, really intense.

Ok, so that’s enough of the Kinetic Sculpture Race. I hope you liked these photos and stay tuned for more! I hope to be shooting again tomorrow so I should have some fresh faces for y’all soon.

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