Sunday Funday!

For the better part of a year now I’ve been planning on doing family portraits for my friend Amanda. Well, this week we were finally able to get their whole family together to take their family portraits! Finally!


We decided on taking the portraits at Ft.Smallwood Park. It was a beautiful day too!


Three generations of women.


We all had a blast.


Here are the grandmothers!


Cloudy days make for the best lighting.


Don’t these two look alike? Isn’t it funny how we look like our parentsAmandafamilyshoot9

One of the grandmothers was in from Georgia for the holidays and it was a pleasure getting to meet her. Luckily she was here long enough for the photos!!


Aren’t they just too cute?!



Two strong women smiling their faces off. We had fun.


Gotta love the clouds! I had to get those in a shot too.
All in all, we had an amazing time taking these portraits. I hope to take more portraits soon!

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